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Sellers Prioritize Offers From Pre-approved Buyers. Here Are Our Tips to Help You Get to the Top of the Pile.

We expect inventory to stay low in 2022. While the buying demand may not be as high as 2021, it is still likely that prospective buyers will be writing in multiple offer situations. We're providing buyer education series to help you understand what it will take to win in those situations, and being pre-approved for a loan is a major part of the strategy.

Not only is it important to be pre-approved, it's important to be pre-approved before you start to look at homes. Here's why:
  • You'll save time - understanding your budget will help you narrow your focus on the homes you can afford. Additionally, knowing the type of loan you qualify for will affect your options. For example, government loans (FHA, USDA, VA) have certain requirements for the property, and you can filter out the homes that will not meet those criteria.
  • Having the pre-approval letter adds meat to your offer - Once you find the right house, you can submit your offer right away and show the Seller that you are a strong buyer.

The ability to save time and to prove your strength in a competitive market is powerful. Being pre-approved with a reputable lender is going to help the Seller feel more confident in signing your offer. You want to do everything you can do to make your offer easy for them to sign.

We also highly recommend that you consider local, reputable lenders. That means you should find a lender that has a reputation for closing in a smooth and timely manner; one who gets deals done and is creative under pressure. Why? Because sellers are also concerned about the transaction going smoothly. If you're not sure who has the best reputation in your area, a great place to start is asking your real estate agent. They will be able to provide you with at least three options that will help you achieve your goals.

We hope you find this information helpful! Keep joining us as we journey through the home buying process. Next up, the actual home search!

Til then,
Cassie Johnson
Key Realty - John Yoder Team

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