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The Showing Process Explained: Tips to Help You Decide Whether or Not the Property Is a Fit!

For many buyers, stepping into that first house is when the home buying process starts to feel real and it can be a very exciting! 

The way the showing process will likely go is that you or your agent will identify a home or series of homes that are advertised online and meet your criteria. If you're interested in seeing the home in person, you'll reach out to your agent and they will schedule the showing with the listing agent. 

This is likely going to be your only opportunity to see the home before you decide whether or not you want to make an offer, so you want to be as thorough as possible while examining the home as a potential fit for you. This means that you'll want to be prepared. Here are a few tips to make sure you have the information you need:

  1. You should ask your agent to provide the listing sheet on the property that details important specs on the home, as well the disclosures completed by the sellers discussing condition, and an aerial photo that shows the property lines. 
  2. You'll want to mindful of the mechanicals, verifying heat and cooling sources, keeping an eye out for damage that is visible, and really taking the time to picture yourself in the home. Does the lay out work for you? If the house isn't a perfect fit, could a few changes here and there to make it work? 
  3. You'll want to take this opportunity to ask your agent any questions you may have about the property, and express any concerns. Your agent should be able to walk you through different options that can address or alleviate the concerns you may be having. 

Here's the bottom line: this step in the process is about clarity. It's hard to know whether or not a home might be a fit for you without touring it in person. So be open, and ask questions! 

I hope you've found this information helpful!

Til next time,
Cassie Johnson
Key Realty - John Yoder Team

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