What 2020 Taught Me

Dated: December 30 2020

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I know I don’t need to tell you that 2020 was a difficult year. On top of all of the uncertainty and grief that a global pandemic can bring to a person’s daily life, entrepreneurs like myself also had to navigate transitions within their business. It was a year of adjusting goals, changing systems, and throwing out business plans—all with what felt like a moment’s notice.

I’ve been reflecting on the year while I *cautiously* make personal and business plans for 2021. Among the many things this year has taught me, there are three lessons that I will carry with me forever, and I want to share them with you in hopes you find them encouraging or helpful in some way!   

Time is valuable.

     Sure, this sounds cliché, but it has been a revelation for me this year! If what you’re doing steals joy rather than gives it, it’s likely holding you back. If it can be tossed, toss it and don’t look back. I found myself liberated this year as soon as I did this very thing. It can be difficult (for me it was letting go of a job that defined me for almost a decade), but times like these can offer a new perspective on life that can refine you if you let it. For me, the new perspective revealed that I had not valued my time properly. Once I let go, I was able to shift my focus more towards my family and friends, as well as the career that I love. Ultimately, it’s been a breakthrough for which I’ll be thankful the rest of my life.    

     Adaptability is necessary.

     To be honest, I’m not a go-with-the-flow person. At times, this trait has made me difficult to live and work with—just ask my husband! When I set goals, I like to meet them, and that’s putting it lightly. I’ve learned both personally and in business, that this will never be sustainable. There are always factors outside of our control that will inevitably force us to alter plans. 2020 taught me to give myself the grace I need when things seem to not be working out. It’s this grace that has allowed me to slowly, but surely, see the opportunity within the challenges that I face and become more adaptable as circumstances seem to shift on a dime.   

    Homes are more than just homes.

     Many of us were confined to our homes for weeks on end this year and, while I always saw the real estate business as more than just providing shelter, my field took on a whole new meaning to me. I realized that a home is so much more than a roof and walls—it’s the frame and backdrop for some of life’s most meaningful moments. Those walls witness family traditions, memories in the making, fits and tears, laughter and celebration. All of it. I found that the home became a haven this year. Feeling “stuck” at home truly shifted to feeling “safe” at home.

That third lesson is my favorite, and I really don’t think I’ll view my industry the same again. My deepest wish for all of you as we enter a new year is that you would feel safe and comforted by both the walls and the people that surround you. Cheers to all of you who are entering 2021 with dreams (be they cautious or wild), and cheers to the trials that threatened to break us but instead refined us in 2020.

- Cassie Johnson

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