Cyber Security: Staying Safe Online

Dated: March 31 2020

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Sure, you strap on your seatbelt when you get in the car, and your helmet when you hop on your bike, but what about safety precautions for getting online? CenturyLink encourages consumers to practice good online safety habits with these tips: 

Improve Your Passwords

- Don't use default names or passwords which can easily be hacked.

- Criminals can often guess passwords based on pet names and the people close to you.  

Be Creative

- Use a "passphrase" with letters and symbols rather than a password. - Example: "I Lik3 @ppl3 Pi3” 

Practice Good Cyber Hygiene

- Never click a link in an email that goes to an outside site, even if you recognize the company or individual.

- Be careful what information you share on social media and who sees it.

- Set up two-factor authentication to make it more difficult for a third-party to access your accounts. 

Keep Your Devices "Clean"

- Update software regularly to make your devices less vulnerable to cyber security threats.

- Check the user guides for all internetconnected devices to see how and where your personal information is stored and shared. 

- Don't join an unknown Wi-Fi hotspot; set up your own. 

In addition, work with your internet service provider for advice on how to help keep personal and home internetconnected devices safe online.   

Source: CenturyLink Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2018. All rights reserved. 

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