Are You Putting Your Home at Risk for Water Damage?

Dated: 10/02/2018

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What can homeowners do to protect their homes from water damage of all kinds? According to Chubb, the first step is understanding how homeowners' seasonal behaviors shape their exposure to water. 

1. Staying Dry Year-Round

Despite the known connection between weather and water damage, the study found that 45 percent of homeowners believe weather reporting is "regularly" or "frequently" exaggerated, and another third (36 percent) think it’s "sometimes" exaggerated. If homeowners don't believe the weather reporting, they’re unlikely to take the necessary home protection steps. With storms becoming stronger, homeowners are putting their property and finances at risk.

2. "Soaking Up" Summer Fun

The study found that the warm, dry summer months lead to two water-related home risks stemming from travel and renovations. According to the study, homeowners are unlikely to leave relevant information with caretakers while away from their home during the summer, a popular time for vacations. Specifically, less than one-third (30 percent) of homeowners report leaving appropriate water leak information, and only 17 percent leave information about what to do in the event of a weather-related flooding.

3. Falling Into Water Traps

Autumn's cooler months provide a pleasant opportunity for homeowners to work on their gardens, yards and outdoor areas, as 30 percent of homeowners believe improvements to their home's exterior features best impact its resale value. Yet, common garden improvement projects, from sprinkler system installation to adding an outdoor kitchen, can easily let water into all the wrong places.

4. Winterizing Your Home

Homeowners are 40 percent more likely to experience a water loss during the cold winter months, according to Chubb data. Despite this, only 21 percent of homeowners report installing pipe insulation, even though it’s one of the surest ways to protect one's home in cold weather. 

5. Spring Into Preventative Action

Spring inspires many homeowners to spruce up their homes' indoor and outdoor features. But by the time spring has sprung, homeowners have often waited too long. A leaky faucet, for instance, can spill up to 3,000 gallons a year, at a rate of just one drip per second. Yet, this urgency isn't resonating with homeowners, as close to 30 percent take more than a week to fix an issue in their home. 

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